Acusensus is an Intelligent Traffic Solutions (ITS) technology (“RegTech”) company that designs, develops, and commercialises camera technology focussed on the detection, capture and referral of motorists using mobile phones illegally whilst driving.

Having proven this technology in the world’s first live enforcement camera program to detect drivers illegally using phones while behind the wheel in New South Wales, Acusensus has successfully won the QLD distracted driving contract and been approaching markets in other Australian states and globally to adopt this new road safety approach.

The solution has been expanded to also provide detection and enforcement of speeding vehicles (fixed and mobile), seatbelt non-compliance, and license plate-based enforcement such as unregistered vehicle detection (ANPR).

Founded in 2018, Acusensus is headquartered in Melbourne (Victoria) and has a leading management team in the sector, with over 100 years of combined industry experience and a strong track record of designing and delivering innovative solutions and camera programs globally.

Gresham Capital Partners completed a minority investment in Acusensus in June 2021.

Acusensus successfully listed on the ASX in January 2023.